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Krystal Jung

Published October 30, 2014 by eronlampa

Name: 크리스탈 정 / Krystal Jung
10562_265713646900265_1641342076_n 429684_225550034249960_1800241664_n 528290_319553178182978_1707891423_n 970625_292754470862849_436511957_n 994003_305891429549153_867224312_n 1001250_313871272084502_1085971975_n 1002366_282743341863962_1834872028_n 1003647_266348026836827_915921514_n 1043919_338529216285374_194816179_n 1095078_282747458530217_709822679_n 1238274_287276344743995_350792246_n 1382085_301256953345934_1457248052_n 1383274_301922533279376_274050926_n 1395110_303667516438211_2092394214_n 1396017_309220305882932_1334524076_n 1530317_332519186886377_1539268308_n 1656262_354746831330279_607476895_n 1780805_348060168665612_899673241_n 1795537_354746537996975_986958662_n 1977053_363611290443833_1171584353_nKorean name: 정수정 / Jung Soo Jung
Nickname: Little Yoona, Baby Jung
Profession: Singer, actress, and model
Birthdate: 1994-Oct-24 (age 19)
Birthplace: San Francisco, California, United States
Height: 168cm
Weight: 48kg
Star sign: Scorpio
Blood type: A
Family: Older sister/actress/singer Jessica Jung
Talent agency: SM Entertainment

Krystal Jung’s Fun Facts

-Her korean name is 정수정 (Jung Soo-Jung), 수정 means crystal in Korea
-Likes eye shopping
-Likes British accent
-Got casted earliest among the f(x) members
-her name Krystal, isn’t a made up stage name, it’s her chosen American name when she was born.
-She managed to reached 1.9m during the Yeoja Dream Team (ep. where Amber and Luna came to cheer for her) but she –    was not feeling well. after that she was taken to hospital to check her condition.
-loves taking sel-ca
-has a lot of CFs experience among her bandmates (counting since she was little)
-for her music is a joy
-she will picks someone who is uglier than her as her boyfriend, because she doesn’t want her boyfriend have a lot of girlfans and keep stalking him when they’re dating
-her blood type is A
-at first people thought that she’s SNSD’s Yoona’s sister since they’re look alike
-many people said that she looks like SNSD’s Yoona and Yuri instead of her sister Jessica
-loves hats
-on her sitcom More Charming By The Day she often said ‘WOW!’
-Her iPod is red
-Always bring body lotion in her bag
-Most of the books in her house is English books
-Allergic to apple but she loves it
-Really likes mango and avocado
-One of her favorite food is Burrito, it’s a Mexican food
-Taller than her sister, SNSD’s Jessica
-Has a bear keychain with Harvard University written on it
-She’s an easygoing person
-She calls Amber just by her name without ‘unnie’
-For her f(x)’s something that very precious
-Really hates cucumber
-She can speaks English, a bit Japanese and Chinese
-She wants to learn French
-She doesn’t go to dorm like the other members, she goes to her house since it’s not too far from their dorm
-Her favorite song from Chu~ album is You’re My Destiny
-She broke the female high jump record at Dream Team 2 with SHINee’s Minho
-She used to go to Korea Kent Foreign School before goes to Hanlim High School majoring Entertainment and Arts
-UKISS’ Dongho is her classmate
-On 2010 she won the Rookie Comedy Award at MBC Entertainment Awards
-She prefers people to call her by her Korean name, Soojung, over Krystal
-According to Luna, her Korean pronunciation really sounds like English
-Loves meat
-SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong stated that she’s prettier than her sister
-Doesn’t want a romantic love story, she prefers a normal kind love
-Likes to read English books/magazines
-She will picks puppy as her pet
-When SM Town concert in LA, at Sheraton Hotel she signed for all her fans until the security lady told her to stop
-Thinks that Audrey Hepburn is close to perfect
-She’s very enthusiastic when she sings
-Krystal once says “people would think Amber is weird when she speaks Thai, because Thai people will think “why is this boy talking like a girl”.
-Krystal had been to Bangkok once when she was 6 years old.
-Krystal appeared in SHINee’s “Juliette” MV.
-Krystal’s voice sounds more mature than her sister Jessica of SNSD.
-Krystal loves hats but she hates it when some cool hats are itchy.
-Krystal prefers to wears sneakers.
-Krystal wants people to call her by her Korean name SooJung over Krystal.
-Krystal always brings body lotion in her bag.
-During their SM Town concert in LA, Krystal signed for all the fans at Sheraton Hotel until the security lady told her to stop.
-Krystal admires Christina Aguilera.
-Krystal believed that Jessica is prettier than her.


Jung Jin Young Profile and Facts

Published August 26, 2014 by eronlampa

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Name: Jung JinYoung(정진영)
Position: Vocals, Leader

Nickname: Arctic Fox / mirror prince
DOB: 18 November 1991

Height: 178cm
Weight: 59kg
Skills: Song writing, composing, singing, acting, play guitar

-known for being a Yoon Shi Yoon, FT Island’s Minhwan, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and Jung Il Woo Look Alike
-Good at Playing Guitar
-Composed Bling Girl from their 1st Mini Album
-During his trainee days, he thought it would be great if a song he made could go into the Group album. So he naturally started composition.
-Famous for his sweet Smile and Gentle Looks
-Famous for his Helicopter Mimic Talent
-Loves Spam(Food)
-Beats SHINee member Jonghyun and Actor Song Jong Ki in Mnet’s “Flower Boys Terror Situation” by Ranking number 1
-Picked Gongchan as the most Handsome Member i the Group and Ranks himself 3rd
-His Number 1 Treasure is his Laptop
-Arctic Fox is his Nickname
-Called Mirror Prince
-Said to have a “Prince Disease” by members
-Likes to Collaborate with Black Eyed Peas Will.I.Am.
-Loves to Cook
-debuted as an actor
-He appeared with minor roles in KBS drama ‘My Mom, Super Mom’ and cable channel MBC Dramanet ‘Chosun Police’
-when he saw he looked really skinny in photos he decides to gain some weight
-even if he eats a lot he doesn’t gain much wait

-He is B1A4’s “dad”
-known for being a Yoon Shi Yoon, FT Island’s Minhwan, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and Jung Il Woo Look Alike
-Choong-book Choong-ju is his hometown.
-Good at Playing Guitar
-Composed Bling Girl from their 1st Mini Album
-During his trainee days, he thought it would be great if a song he made could go into the Group album. So he naturally started composition
-Famous for his sweet Smile and Gentle Looks
-Famous for his Helicopter Mimic Talent
-Loves Spam(Food)
-Beats SHINee member Jonghyun and Actor Song Jong Ki in Mnet’s “Flower Boys Terror Situation” by -Ranking number 1
-Picked Gongchan as the most Handsome Member in the Group and Ranks himself 3rd
-besides song writing, composing, singing, and acting, jinyoung can play guitar so well
-younger than Shinwoo, but he’s the leader ^^
-His charm point is when the ends of his mouth slightly go up as he smiles.
-was picked as the member with wangjabyung (T/N: directly translated it means prince disease and it’s when you’re a bit obsessed with yourself) symptoms.
-It’s because he always carries around a mirror and even uses it to fix his hair on his bed before sleeping.
-enjoys cooking as a hobby.
-actually awkward with CNU / Shinwoo although they’re same-age-friend
-first impressions to CNU, “CNU looked like he wouldn’t talk much”
-first impressions to Baro, “He looked like a frivolous playful one”
-first impressions to Sandeul, “he seemed completely innocent”
-first impressions to Gongchan, “he seemed chic”
-Something he wants to do with fans is have their own concert and a mini fanmeeting
-Jinyoung’s number 1 treasure is his laptop.
-His hobby is doing media related work on that laptop.
-‘Bling Girl’, was composed personally by him on his laptop
-he also wrote the lyrics with the members.
-Respects Will.i.am so much.
-Has a dream to work on a song with Will.i.Am from the Black Eyed Peas and have a collaboration stage.
-wants to be shown to people as a true musician who loves and enjoys music and not just an idol.

-Jinyoung has the ability to write and compose, with superior expression of emotions
debuted as an actor
-He appeared with minor roles in KBS drama ‘She is Wow’ and cable channel MBC Dramanet ‘Chosun Police’ and casted recently in a movie entitled ‘Miss Granny’.
-known as the skinny boy in d group
-He embarked on a project alone to gain weight since he looked really skinny in the photos that were taken nearing his debut.
-received a lot of stress since he don’t usually gain weight even though he eat alot.
-When he had a girlfriend he really loved, he thought a lot of how ‘everything’s fine as long as I have you’
-He had a crush on someone when wrote ‘Bling girl’
-Bling Girl was written when he was sick as a trainee and was resting in his room alone with his notebook.
-He is good at making aligo olio.
-After he passed the auditions, as he was attending an acting school since middle school, he was able to play extra roles in dramas.
-If they could have a psychic power, Jinyoung wanna have the power to earn lots of money.
-he loves doraemon. he even can mimic it!
-his ideal girl is a person who thinks only of him.
-his charming point is his cuteness.
-His ability to concentrate is strong.
-when he fall into doing something, it is hard for him to get out of it.

-He’s always wanted to be in this industry ever since he was young
-He like to sing in front of people.
-He was the vice-chairman in the student council, he had a personality that was suited in the school council.
-During school he managed to hone on his acting skills,he also took a part in a film for the school.
-During that period, his picture was uploaded to the site, and he was found by the company, so he got into B1A4.
-he has a very forward personality. Even when b1a4 have a bad situation, as long as he think of ‘everything will get better’, it really does get better.
-When he’s immersed (focused) in something, he wouldn’t be able to hear anything that calls him.
-Jinyoung’s charm point is, he’s a great guy that likes to cook.
-Someday, I will make a nice Aglio Olio so please come over and play~ *jinyoung*
-Jinyoung want everyone to hear the songs he has composed.
-If there’s a chance Jinyoung would like to try out acting.
-Song that Jinyoung always listen to recently: Wiz Khalifa’s Roll Up
-Habit he need to change: Biting his lips unknowningly while on stage
-Jinyoung’s Favourite movie: War of the Worlds
-Animal he think he’s most alike to: Arctic fox… the white kind
-He like a girl who understands him, and her heart must only belong to him.
-Jinyoung’s favourite body part: “Fox-like eyes”
-Practice composition, and monitor the programs, are 2 things he need to do before he sleep.
-Things he want to do on a day with fans: Play by the beach, eat delicious sashimi and watch the sunset.

-Family, music, and his new family – B1A4, are three most important things in his life
-He cannot resist to buy some Music-related equipments
-His other ideal type of girl : A girl that can make him feel her feminity no matter what she does and no matter what the circumstances are; Someone who will only love him, who won’t lie, and wouldn’t hang the phone aside.
-Recent secret: If you look very carefully, my pinky finger is crooked.
-His parents, Will.I.Am, Admiral Lee Sunshin are three people he most respect and like the most
-His ideal type of a son: Gongchan
-He love Euro-pop so much.
-He would like to present her future girlfriend with great memories they’ll make from going to many different places on a very hot sunny day.
-Favorite Color: Red, Black
-Favorite Music: Electronic music, ballads
-Fav song in it b1a4 : my love
-Twice a week, he would come up from the provinces to Seoul to take singing and acting lessons
-His first role on his drama was one of a delinquent boy.
-He received an audition at the current company after a staff saw his picture uploaded in a portal site.
-Out of all the members, Jinyoung scolds Baro the most.
-Jinyoung is called ‘grandpa’ because on a variety show he wore a big hat and wore all white which made him look old.
-For their next album, Jinyoung wants Baro to die his hair rainbow colors.
-Jinyoung doesn’t wake up in the morning. He just lays in bed.
-Jinyoung’s favorite color is red because it’s his lucky color.
-Jinyoung thinks Baro is the funniest member.
-If Jinyoung wasn’t a singer, he would be an engineer.
-Whenever Jinyoung needs to go out, he always dresses up and fixes his hair. The members say when he wakes up he immediately dresses up.
-Jinyoung trust baro for the boy he would introduce to his younger sister


Credits to: AviateB1A4